3 hours…

September 15, 2008

…to knock off time.  Approximately.  It’s been a long day so far, although with so few patients on my list I’m hard pressed to complain.  Looking after my patients isn’t the problem, but of course the other team would have to be struggling, and with them holding more than half of the critical care beds, I’m hoping to reach the end of the shift without too much drama.

On a brighter note, the other day I had the pleasure of watching Stardust, certainly one of the best films I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.  I’d been planning to watch it for a while, and I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s a rare delight to be see such imaginative, genuine storytelling, and Neil Gaiman’s magic touch doesn’t hurt in the least.  It must have been a weekend for good movies, because  I’d also picked up Dororo, a Japanese film based on a manga written by the author of Astroboy.  A children’s fantasy is to be expected, yet while both grotesque and gruesome, it still maintains a sense of lightheartedness.  The premise?  The boy whos father sacrificed and divided him amongst 48 demons for eternal power is on a quest for his real body.  Doesn’t sound much like a kids film…

Anyway, I’m starting to get a few calls…


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