You want to do WHAT?

September 16, 2008

If the person you love is a lover of hot chocolate, you buy them this.

“Psych,” I said.
“Really?  Ooh, that’s tough.”

I don’t think it was too long ago that I had assisted this guy in an emergency surgical case which went to a quarter past 9, forty five minutes pass the finish time.  I got to go home after, so I had it easy.  He still had 2 patients to see down in Accident and Emergency, and by the time he finished with them it was midnight.  Then he got called back to hospital an hour and a half later for an emergency laparotomy which kept him there all the way to the 7am round the next day, followed by the all day elective theatre list!  All up 36 hours.  Now that’s tough.

We were having this casual conversation while out looking for Lindt Drinking Chocolate in the supermarket: this is high quality stuff, simply exquisite. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any and settled for an alternative Italian brand. That was tough, too.


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