September 20, 2008

I really need to keep kicking on with reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I’d had the 10 book PDF collection for quite a while back, but given certain circumstances I’d never felt obliged to start, let alone finish it off. Then again, I suppose that’s what happens when you go through an acrimonious break up with the person who introduced you to a series in the first place.

Of course, that was years ago and a few months back I did start reading, and it was good. Really good, as in I can’t put this book down good… if I was reading an actual book, that is. And I’m not usually a fan of the serious fantasy genre, which says something. Despite it all, I’m midway through book 4 and it’s starting to drag or grate. One problem in general is that there’s too much media out there which is easily accessible, whether it be games, TV shows, movies, books etc. One need more time!


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