Eating Out

November 29, 2008

Do not choose this movie for your next movie night.

…2, the First American (Gay) Sequel.  Apparently better than Borat according to the DVD cover.  But it wasn’t.

On nights like this, I miss a certain someone. Tonight was fun, and watching a couple of movies with friends always is, but when the majority are couples now, it’s kind of awkward when you’re missing that aspect of companionship.  Actually, perhaps not tonight.  I’m pretty sure she would’ve reacted the same horrified way C did to the selection of movie. Not Jurassic Park, none of us had any qualms with that, but “Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds” (B’s choice).  We stopped watching after about 10 minutes.  It just didn’t make any sense at all: he’s breaking up with him why?  Pretending to be straight to get laid with a guy…?  We hadn’t seen the first movie and we probably never will. Overall 0/5.  Unbelievably bad.


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