Thursday Fragments

July 15, 2011

The other day I found myself having a chat with a colleague Z – she was supposed to be at a lecture by videoconference but as luck would have it the technology had broken down.  After being partially productive and demonstrating the ANKI powered question bank ( and musing on whether to give it away for free (like the legendary Kaveh exam notes on the ANZAPT website) or charge for the resource and turn it into a profitable business venture (like Rege’s CTF Course) [I suppose that depends on what actually drives me…], it quickly turned to entertaining irrelevancies.

There was some musing on her behalf whether an annual income of $100,000 was enough for a couple [Yes] because “I don’t think my boyfriend will ever get a job. He’s an arty sort who just does his own thing,” a discussion on whether media and social pressure to buy a house was overwhelming and if it was a good thing [Yes, No at the current time] and how real estate statistics ( were at least as dodgy as pharmaceutical company funded drug studies.  Somehow this developed into an entertaining discussion followed regarding observations about half Asian kids being either extremely intelligent or the polar opposite) and how this essentially seemed to depend on which parent was Asian and mandatory referrals to the Tiger mum Amy Tan and the High Expectation Asian Father meme (, which I had never heard of prior.

Very (un)productive afternoon… 🙂


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