June 26, 2012

Hacked my Wii on the weekend!

As the console nears the end of it’s life cycle, I thought I’d set it up again and see what I’d missed out on: lots of cheap games available which if I recall has always been a rarity for Nintendo.  Many years ago I’d installed the Homebrew Channel to play some 16bit classics, but since then the level of mods and hacks have increased significantly.  Now hooked up to a USB Harddrive with a couple of backup games!


One Response to “HackedWii”

  1. Is it healthy for a divorced 45 yo G.P. to be ranked 30000 in TDM MW3? or 200 in world GTAIV? Or is this my Asperger’s kicking in? Looks like your in the right 50% of psychiatrists (the sane ones).

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